Your Shipping Options (Part 3): Reusable Cases

Graphic of weather proof, reusable custom cases

Finally! We’ve reached the final post in our three-part series on “Your Shipping Options.” In Part 1, we gave you the low down on cardboard boxes, and in Part 2, we talked about wooden crates. It just so happens that the very last post just happens to be on our very favorite topic—reusable cases! Surprise!

But, be fair, now. As we’ve been telling you all the way through the series, we might be a reusable case customizing and manufacturing company, but there are all kinds of reasons we believe—with all our hearts—that reusable cases are the best for our planet and your company’s bottom line. So, why not read on and let us tell you why?


Reduce(able), Reuse(able), Recycle(able)

The section header sort of speaks for itself. With significant increases in things like mail order and subscription-based business models, just about every industry is requiring more and more transport these days, which is really taking its toll on our clean air future. And it’s also putting a heavy strain on our planet’s non-renewable resources like fossil fuels (to keep all the trucks running) and trees (to keep all the cardboard boxes flowing down the pipe). The beauty of reusable cases is in their—you guessed it—reusability. The typical custom case can be used for about 200 shipments, as opposed to the one shipment most cardboard boxes are good for and the, maybe, 10 or so you might get out of a wooden crate. And the reusability, though a most awesome trait, isn’t the only great thing about shipping with reusable cases. They’re also extremely light—particularly when compared to wooden crates. And lighter shipments mean less fuel.


Great ROI

Doing what’s good for the environment is always of the utmost. But, as any good businessperson knows, doing what’s best for the bottom line is just as important. The great thing about reusable cases is that they cover both bases. Obviously, their reusability factors into the overall savings, but, what you might not know is that the protection these cases provide your cargo can save you big time in the long run. If your company does a lot of shipping, you already know that one of your greatest liabilities is damage to products during shipment. Reusable cases take care of that problem. For one, waterproof, dustproof and airtight features are typically standard. And for two, drop protection can be customized based on your cargo, making this protection second to none. Over time, these kinds of features mean huge savings in shipping-damage-based losses.

So, why not cut yours? Our hope is that this three-part shipping options series has left you richer, wiser and unwilling to ever invest your company’s hard-earned cash in anything less than a sturdy yet light, exceedingly attractive custom case from Custom Case Group. Reach out to us today, and let’s get started making you the perfect case!




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