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Custom Shipping Cases

The average cardboard box, aluminum shipping case or wooden shipping crate can only be used once, and even during that first use, it only offers minimal protection. Our custom fabricated shipping cases can be reused hundreds of times, all the while offering industry-leading waterproof, crushproof and shockproof protection.

Designed with custom foam inserts, our heavy-duty shipping cases transport invaluable cargo for military/defense, industrial, medical, aerospace, trade shows, electronics/technology (e.g. computers), and fire/rescue applications.

Reusable Custom Shipping Cases

Many of our customers have found that investing in custom reusable shipping cases from EPS and SCS creates valuable long-term savings by reducing packaging costs, and significantly reducing damage during shipment.

When you work with EPS and SCS, you have access to custom reusable shipping cases from top manufacturers, along with our advanced customization capabilities. Our customization facilities in California and Minnesota are ready to help develop custom shipping cases that meet your exact specifications.

Common Custom Shipping Cases Applications

Ground Shipping Containers
ATA-Certified Air Shipping Containers
Marine Shipping Containers
Return Equipment Shipping Containers