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Custom Covert Rifle Case


US Military


Covert Military Rifle Transport

Case Manufacturer



Protect and conceal disassembled covert military rifle during transport

Due to their proven ability to survive everything from shifting glaciers to IED explosions, Pelican cases have been a mainstay in the US Military for years. So, when the military approached us to create a custom transport case to conceal and protect a disassembled covert rifle, selecting the outer-case for our design was a no-brainer.

There was no doubt that this covert rifle case would wind up in plenty of critical, time-constrained situations. Plus, it would house the covert rifle in a disassembled state. Considering these factors, we wanted to make sure its visual inventory was meticulous. We used a Pelican Protector 1550 outer case, then created a waterjet-cut foam interior customized to give the marksman or sharpshooter quick access to any of the components he needed, when he needed them, in a flash.