Custom Case Group Success Stories

With our cases serving a variety of customer applications across a broad range of industries, our track record speaks for itself. Read stories from satisfied customers below for more details about how our custom cases serve their needs.
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Our Stories

Military Aerospace Equipment Case
Manufactured from tough, lightweight aluminum, these cases are powder-coated for additional protection. The hardware is also powder coated in a non-reflective,...
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Military Combat Vehicle Component Case
By their very definition, military combat vehicles have to operate in extreme environments. This means that their key components have to be tough, dependable...
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EKG Monitor and Stand Transport Case
Medline offers a wide range of EKG monitors in several different formats and sizes. Instead of one customized transport case for each model, they came...
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Delivering Ventilators for the Fight Against COVID-19
We’re proud to be playing a small but important part in the fight against COVID-19. If you’ve been watching the news lately, you may have seen shots like...
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Saving Lives with Portable EKG Equipment
Every custom case we manufacture has an important role to play. From protecting military equipment in the field, to helping scientists transport data-gathering...
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Customizing an Indestructible Case to Protect a 2.15 Ton Medical Device
Custom Case Group was tasked with designing a case for an unprecedented medical device that weighs 2,300 lbs. and measures over 10′ long, 6.5′...
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