Delivering Ventilators for the Fight Against COVID-19

We’re proud to be playing a small but important part in the fight against COVID-19. If you’ve been watching the news lately, you may have seen shots like this one from ABC Nightly News’ March 31st broadcast.  It shows a critically needed ventilator, in a protective case, that recently arrived in New York.

The shots caught our eye, because that case is one that we made.

The case in the photo wasn’t made for the current COVID-19 crisis. It was actually one we manufactured for Cardinal Health during the Swine Flu emergency back in 2009. Like with COVID-19, many swine flu patients required treatment with ventilators, and the CDC commissioned close to 10,000 ventilators from Cardinal Health that we manufactured cases for.

As you can imagine, we’re at it again. Our crews are working as quickly as possible to deliver an order for 600 additional ventilator cases for Cardinal Health, with the expectation that we’ll soon be creating thousands more.  In addition, we’re currently talking with several other companies who are interested in similar ventilator cases.

The cases in question are a customized Pelican Storm IM2500. They protect the ventilators from handling and environmental damage. They’re watertight and airtight. We also fitted each case with a customized charging port so that the ventilators can have their batteries recharged while they’re still in the case.

Our crews on the production line — and our entire company — are proud to be making a contribution to the fight against COVID-19.


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