Personal Taser Carrying Case for Airline Travel

Client: Private Customer
Application: Personal Protection Device Transport
Description: A lockable Pelican Storm case for a Taser Pulse carried as checked baggage

US Coast Guard Weapons Transport

Client: US Coast Guard
Application: Weapons Transport
Description: Safe transport of weapons to and from coastal patrol boats

Outdoor Speaker Case Set

Client: MartinLogan
Application: Provide protection for high-end outdoor speakers during transport

NASCAR Device Charging Station

Client: NASCAR FedEx Racing Team
Application: Provide a way for race team members to charge devices on the go
Description: Portable cell phone/tablet charging station

Chemical Distillation Flask Transport Case

Client: Major Chemical Company
Application: Fragile Chemical Distillation Flask Transport and Protection
Description: Protect a high-cost, extremely fragile chemical distillation flask set during transport

Virtual Reality (HTC Vive Setup) Transport Case

Client: Commercial Real Estate Developer
Application: Virtual Reality Equipment (HTC Vive Setup) Equipment Transport and Protection
Description: Protect high-end, two-camera virtual reality system during transport

NFL Game Analysis Equipment Case

Client: Major NFL Team
Application: Game Analysis Equipment Transport
Description: Protect three specialized projectors and five laptops during transport

Transport Case for Helicopter Blades Clamp Tool

Client: Department of Defense Contractor
Application: Secure Transport of Aviation Equipment
Description: Protect removal clamp for helicopter blades during transport

Custom Covert Rifle Case

Client: US Military
Application: Covert Military Rifle Transport
Description: Protect and conceal disassembled covert military rifle during transport

Medical Simulation Equipment

Client: Medical Simulation Equipment Case for Women’s Health Care for Hospitals & Learning Institutions
Application: Gynecological health care procedure simulator
Description: Protect simulator and training equipment during shipping and transport

Audio Tele-conferencing Equipment

Client: Shure
Application: Shure MX412 Audio Teleconferencing Equipment
Description: Protects multiple microphones and a processor for portability

Military Precision Tool Kit Case

Client: U.S. Military
Application: Tools for air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles and munition
Description: Protect precision tools from damage during transport

Diesel Fuel Test Kit

Client: Leading Petroleum Company
Application: Field Transport
Description: Ensure safe transport of diesel quality control test kits from site-to-site

Water Patrol Briefcase

Client: Lake Delton Water Patrol
Application: Remote Citations
Description: Briefcase enables water patrol officers to generate remote DUI citations

National Guard Chemical Gas Mask Transport Cases

Client: National Guard of the United States
Application: Chemical Gas Mask Safe Transport and Rapid Deployment
Description: Ensure gas masks for c-130 air crew are safely transported and rapidly deployed

Women’s World Cup: Our Trophy Cases on Tour with the Players

Client: US Soccer Federation
Application: Transport Women’s World Cup Trophies
Description: Our trophy cases protect two Women’s World Cup Trophies as they tour the world

Business Jet Simulation Equipment Case

Client: Business Class Jet Manufacturer
Application: Business Jet Simulation Equipment
Description: This custom case houses and protects cockpit controls for large 3-axis flight simulators.

“DroneHangar” Ensures Safe Transport and Storage of Camera Drones

Client: DJI
Application: Camera Drones
Description: “DroneHangar” Ensures Safe Transport and Storage of Camera Drones

“DroneHangar” Ensures Safe Transport and Storage of Fully Assembled Camera Drones

Client: Align M470L Quadcopter
Application: Camera Drones
Description: “DroneHangar” Ensures Safe Transport and Storage of Fully Assembled Camera Drones

Custom UAV Cases for Safe Transport

Client: Major UAV Manufacturer
Application: UAV Component Shipment
Description: Custom UAV cases house delicate landing gear and componentry during transport.

Custom Case for Delicate Glass Beakers and Vials

Client: Medical Testing Instrumentation Manufacturer
Application: Safely ship and transport of delicate glass vials and beakers.
Description: Customized Wilson carrying case for safe transport of delicate glass vials and beakers for shipment via FedEx or UPS.

Multiple Laptop Shipping Case

Client: Software Manufacturer
Application: Shipping multiple laptops
Description: Frequent shipment of multiple laptops and accessories

Custom Case for Rapid Descent Devices

Client: Wind Energy Industry
Application: Rapid Descent Devices
Description: Developed for maintenance crews for use on wind turbines

Clean Room Applications

Client: Fujitsu
Application: Clean Room
Description: Custom water cut X-Link PE foam for clean room instruments and use.

Custom Case for Maximum Shock Absorption

Client: Sierra Nevada Corporation
Application: Protecting airborne electronic warfare and range instrumentation
Description: Custom Cases provide maximum shock absorption for airborne anti-RCIED instrumentation

Safe Transport of High Voltage Generators

Client: Major Medical Manufacturer
Application: Medical Device Transport
Description: Reusable transport for DC/DC High Voltage Generators

Pediatric Heart Stabilization Device Transport Case

Client: Berlin Heart
Application: Transport of Medical Device
Description: Safe transport of lifesaving pediatric cardiac stabilization device.

Covert Weapons Transport Cases

Client: Urban Law Enforcement
Application: Covert Weapons Transport
Description: Custom cases for covert transport of "knocked down" semi-automatic weapons

Medical Device Storage & Transport

Client: Medical Device Manufacturer
Application: Medical Device Storage, Transport
Description: Thermoformed polyethylene case for medical device storage and transport

MIL-SPEC Printer Case

Client: US Army
Application: Military Equipment Transport
Description: Custom case designed to meet military specifications for a high-volume, networked printer

Advanced Surgical Equipment Transport Case

Client: Medical Device Company
Application: Medical Device Transport
Description: Heavy-duty case with maximum protection for transporting lung navigation systems.

Custom Medical Device Shipping Cases

Client: Medical Device Manufacturer
Application: Medical Device Transport, Storage
Description: Reusable custom cases for shipping

MIL-SPEC Handheld Radio Case

Client: Minnesota Department of Homeland Security
Application: Homeland Security
Description: Custom, waterproof carrying case for handheld radios and their accessories

Protective Case for a Mobile Photo Studio

Client: National School Portrait Studios
Application: Mobile Photo Studio
Description: Lightweight, multi-use case with maximum protection for transporting mobile photo studio & equipment

Custom UAV Cases for Testing Equipment

Client: UAV Manufacturer
Application: Instrumentation Shipping
Description: Reusable Custom UAV Cases for Safe Transport of UAV Testing Equipment

Custom IndyCar Shipping Case

Client: IndyCar Engine Manufacturers
Application: IndyCar Racing
Description: Reusable custom case for shipping IndyCar engines around the globe

Drilling Equipment Custom Shipping Case

Client: Energy industry products and services provider
Application: Energy Industry Equipment
Description: Reusable custom case for shipping a large, heavy drilling device between the US and the UK on a regular basis.

Portable Defibrillator Custom Carrying Case

Client: Medical Device Manufacturer
Application: Medical Device Transport
Description: Pelican Storm injection molded case with custom waterjet cut closed cell foam cushioning.

Remote Medical Device Carrying Case

Client: Ophthalmologist
Application: Medical Device Transport
Description: Intent on bringing the gift of vision to those in need, an American ophthalmologist contacted Custom Case Group for a custom carrying case that would safely transport a vital piece of equipment — his ophthalmic scope.

Mobile Military Medical Case Sterilization Station

Client: US Military
Application: Medical, Military
Description: After developing their innovative sterilization device, Our client searched for a manufacturing partner who could develop a custom case to meet their stringent requirements. The case would need to be custom-fit to the sterilization equipment and protect the system in some of the most rugged conditions imaginable.

Custom US-Navy Transport Case

Client: Boeing
Application: Military, Shipping
Description: When Boeing needed a custom case for the United States Navy, they asked us to present a solution. The case needed to be created in a custom size, adhere to a broad range of certifications, undergo extensive testing and integrate custom metal hardware.

Microsoft Rackmount Server Case

Client: Microsoft
Application: Business, IT
Description: Rackmount server case that serves as a compact, mobile safety zone for Microsoft servers in tough environments.