If you’ve been having a tough time finding EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) products, your life just got easier. At CCG, you’ll find this remarkable material inside all of our Shell-Case products and in many of our custom OEM cases.

Fresh, Sleek & Stylish

With its softer texture, greater resiliency and superior compression-recovery characteristics, EVA foam represents the latest in foam insert technology. The material is also uniquely suitable for thermoforming and cost-effective tooling due to its high level of chemical cross-linking and uniform cell structure. The result is a semi-rigid, yet ultra-soft, cushion for the most critical cargo.

Common EVA Case Customizations

  • Superior Impact & Vibration Absorption
  • Buoyant
  • Low Water Absorption
  • Custom Colors (Shell & Zipper Tape)
  • Logo Window & Zipper Pull Micro-Injected Logo

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