THE TROPHY CASE | Providing Winning Protection with Custom Cases

Overview The trophies from the country’s largest sporting events are priceless, requiring thorough protection during transport and storage. Due to the unique shape of most of the pieces, custom casing is the only option to adequately obtain this protection. This has led several trophy manufacturers, professional sports leagues and winning organizations to reach out to […]


drone cases

UAVs and other unmanned vehicles have become critical components for many surveillance and industrial operations. As the use of this equipment has increased, so have the demands for service, transportation and maintenance.   Preservation   UAVs are sophisticated pieces of technology, equipped with delicate components and intricate mechanisms that demand careful handling and protection. Transporting […]

The Seven Things that Help Custom Foam Inserts Perform Better than Pick and Pluck

Custom Case Group ensures the safer storage and transportation with custom foam inserts. Achieving better protection for your equipment is simple. You provide the components for the case, CAD drawings or item specifications, and our engineers will custom design an insert to better protect your equipment from environmental and transportation hazards. Unlike custom foam inserts, pick […]

Your Best-Case Scenario for Shipping Special Handling Cargo Like High-Value Aircraft Parts

Success Story: Transport Case for Helicopter Blades Clamp Tool Client: Department of Defense Contractor Application: Secure Transport of Aviation Equipment Case Manufacturer: Pelican “Simple” and “efficient” are probably not words that come to mind when you imagine the installation and removal of the CH-47 military helicopter blades. But thanks to the incredible helicopter blade removal clamp we recently customized […]

The Benefits of Aluminum Custom Cases

We believe in the right material for the job. That’s why we offer custom cases from a wide range of manufacturers, using a wide range of materials. We offer cases made from rotomolded plastic, metal-enforced high-density plywood and more. But today, we’re going to talk about the benefits of custom cases made from aluminum.

Decoding the IP Code

How waterproof is waterproof? How dust-resistant is dust-resistant? That’s where the IP Code comes in. In short, the IP Code gives you detailed information about how well something resists intrusion from dust and water.

A Case for Maximum Shock Absorption

Tool drilling black foam for case

Check out how we designed a shock absorption rack mount case for Microsoft, impervious to whatever drops, bumps or turbulence might come its way.

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