The Benefits of Aluminum Custom Cases

We believe in the right material for the job. That’s why we offer custom cases from a wide range of manufacturers, using a wide range of materials. We offer cases made from rotomolded plastic, metal-enforced high-density plywood and more. But today, we’re going to talk about the benefits of custom cases made from aluminum.

Decoding the IP Code

How waterproof is waterproof? How dust-resistant is dust-resistant? That’s where the IP Code comes in. In short, the IP Code gives you detailed information about how well something resists intrusion from dust and water.

A Case for Maximum Shock Absorption

Tool drilling black foam for case

Check out how we designed a shock absorption rack mount case for Microsoft, impervious to whatever drops, bumps or turbulence might come its way.

Things Keep Going Green

Inbound Logistics Magazine

Our President Tim Jennings got the privilege of writing a brand-new article about going green in the shipping industry on this month.

Farming Drones Everywhere!

Check out CCG President Tim Jennings’ latest smart farming drones article in Western Farm Press Online, and learn how drones will help feed the future.

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