The Seven Things that Help Custom Foam Inserts Perform Better than Pick and Pluck

Custom Case Group ensures the safer storage and transportation with custom foam inserts. Achieving better protection for your equipment is simple. You provide the components for the case, CAD drawings or item specifications, and our engineers will custom design an insert to better protect your equipment from environmental and transportation hazards.

Pick and pluck foam is die cut into cubes that users pluck out of the foam to create spaces that fit their case components. While that component may fit within the foam, the fit not exact. When storing or shipping sensitive items with complex shapes, they need to remain stable and well protected. If the insert moves or if it’s too soft, everything inside can get damaged during transit. 

Unlike custom foam inserts, pick and pluck foam does not present different material options. Diced pick and pluck foam is often fabricated from a polyurethane, low-density foam that tends to break down over time.

The following are seven advantages you won’t find in a pick and pluck insert:


      • Design – Each custom foam insert begins with precise CAD designs from our engineers.

      • Waterjet Cutting – We achieve millimeter-level accuracy at high speeds to eliminate heat distortion and hardened edges.

      • Skiving – The foam trimmed to the exact thickness you need for our application.

      • CNC Routing – We can achieve precise cuts with variable depths for a flawless fit.

      • Automate Band Saw – We cut large blocks into multiple thicknesses to accommodate various shapes and sizes of shipping cases.

      • Custom Assembly – We carefully combine and adhere multiple parts to create the perfect final product.

      • Recycling – 100% of our foam scraps and recycled for future use.

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