THE TROPHY CASE | Providing Winning Protection with Custom Cases

The trophies from the country’s largest sporting events are priceless, requiring thorough protection during transport and storage. Due to the unique shape of most of the pieces, custom casing is the only option to adequately obtain this protection. This has led several trophy manufacturers, professional sports leagues and winning organizations to reach out to Custom Case Group.

With the irregular and often intricate design of most trophies, Custom Case Group had to meticulously measure multiple dimensions on each piece to ensure a perfect fit. However, matching the silhouette of each trophy to the foam cutout was not the only challenge facing Custom Case Group. Foam is a synthetic material, and both the chemical buildup and molding process can result in residue that reacts with the metals or finishing on the trophy. Special considerations and additional time were built into the case building process to keep the inside of the case from impacting the look of the trophy.

Custom Case Group has designed several shock-proof protective cases and custom, non-reactive foam for trophies across a variety of sporting events. These custom cases have shielded the trophies from damage while in transit for viewing or maintaining, as well as preserved trophies that are in storage.

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