Military Combat Vehicle Component Case
Client: Defense Contractor
Application: Transportation of Major Military Combat Vehicle Component
Description: This custom case allows a critical system for a major military combat vehicle to be transported safely, and dependably in some of the world’s most extreme environments.
EKG Monitor and Stand Transport Case
Client: Medline
Application: Transporting EKG Monitors
Description: A custom case allows a medical device manufacturer to transport and demonstrate its EKG monitors and stands.
Delivering Ventilators for the Fight Against COVID-19
Client: Cardinal Health
Application: Medical ventilator protection and transportation
Description: We are playing a small but important part to protect medical ventilators in the fight against COVID-19 with our custom cases
Saving Lives with Portable EKG Equipment
Client: The Max Schewitz Foundation
Application: Portable EKG System Transportation
Description: A custom case that allows the HeartSmart EKG Screening program to screen young adults for heart conditions that, if left untreated, can be fatal. The custom case we created or the Max Schewitz Foundation allows the origination to bring this life saving screening to more young people than ever before.
Customizing an Indestructible Case to Protect a 2.15 Ton Medical Device
Client: A healthcare diagnostics company
Application: To protect an extraordinarily heavy, state-of-the-art piece of medical equipment
Emergency Medical Response Gear Gets Pelican Custom Case Treatment
Client: Illinois Medical Emergency Team
Application: Portable radio and accessories transport and storage
Description: A Pelican Storm Case with custom waterjet-cut ethafoam to securely hold radios and accessories
Custom Case for a Paralympic Snowboarder
Client: Professional Athlete
Application: Fragile Equipment Transport
Description: OEM packaging for recreation and competition lower leg prosthetics (secured international shipment and storage of customized prosthetic athletic equipment for 2018 Paralympic competition in PyeongChang)
Customized Pelican Case with Grey Interior
Hand Sanitizer Machines Get Custom Pelican Case
Client: Hand Sanitizer Company
Application: Trade Show Product Transport
Description: Secure cases for shipping multiple hand sanitizer machines to various trade shows
Custom Pelican Case for a Delicate Medical Device
Client: Ophthalmologist
Application: Medical Device Transport
Description: A custom Pelican case for transporting a valuable diagnostic tool in a range of conditions.
A Military Storage Case With Muscle
Client: Large Military Customer
Application: Storage and transport of gear and weapons
Description: A Pelican Hardigg single-lid polyethylene case with a custom waterjet-cut foam interior.
Personal Taser Carrying Case for Airline Travel
Client: Private Customer
Application: Personal Protection Device Transport
Description: A lockable Pelican Storm case for a Taser Pulse carried as checked baggage
gun case united states coast guard custom case us us coast guard
US Coast Guard Weapons Transport
Client: US Coast Guard
Application: Weapons Transport
Description: Safe transport of weapons to and from coastal patrol boats
Outdoor Speaker Case Set
Client: MartinLogan
Application: Game Analysis Equipment Transport
NASCAR Device Charging Station
Client: NASCAR FedEx Racing Team
Application: Provide a way for race team members to charge devices on the go
Description: Portable cell phone/tablet charging station
Chemical Distillation Flask Transport Case
Client: Major Chemical Company
Application: Fragile Chemical Distillation Flask Transport and Protection
Description: Protect a high-cost, extremely fragile chemical distillation flask set during transport
vr ar virtual reality case custom case augmented reality
Virtual Reality Transport Case (HTC Vive Case Setup)
Client: Commercial Real Estate Developer
Application: Virtual Reality Equipment (HTC Vive Case Setup) Equipment Transport and Protection
Description: Protect high-end, two-camera virtual reality system during transport
NFL Game Analysis Equipment Case
Client: Major NFL Team
Application: Game Analysis Equipment Transport
Description: Protect three specialized projectors and five laptops during transport
helicopter blade clamp tool
Transport Case for Helicopter Blades Clamp Tool
Client: Department of Defense Contractor
Application: Secure Transport of Aviation Equipment
Description: Protect removal clamp for helicopter blades during transport
custom case custom cut foam custom foam case
Custom Covert Rifle Case
Client: US Military
Application: Covert Military Rifle Transport
Description: Protect and conceal disassembled covert military rifle during transport
Medical Simulation Equipment
Client: Medical Simulation Equipment Case for Women’s Health Care for Hospitals & Learning Institutions
Application: Gynecological health care procedure simulator
Description: Protect simulator and training equipment during shipping and transport
custom case custom cut foam custom foam case
Audio Tele-conferencing Equipment
Client: Shure
Application: Shure MX412 Audio Teleconferencing Equipment
Description: Protects multiple microphones and a processor for portability
custom case custom cut foam custom foam case
Military Precision Tool Kit Case
Client: U.S. Military
Application: Tools for air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles and munition
Description: Protect precision tools from damage during transport
custom case custom cut foam custom foam case
Diesel Fuel Test Kit
Client: Leading Petroleum Company
Application: Field Transport
Description: Ensure safe transport of diesel quality control test kits from site-to-site
pelican case custom case panasonic pelican case black pelican case
Water Patrol Briefcase
Client: Lake Delton Water Patrol
Application: Remote Citations
Description: Briefcase enables water patrol officers to generate remote DUI citations
National Guard Chemical Gas Mask Transport Cases
Client: National Guard of the United States
Application: Chemical Gas Mask Safe Transport and Rapid Deployment
Description: Ensure gas masks for c-130 air crew are safely transported and rapidly deployed
women's world cup trophy us women soccer team trophy fifa women's world cup trophy 2015 women's world cup trophy 2015 us women soccer team trophy 2015 fifa women's world cup trophy
Women’s World Cup: Our Trophy Cases on Tour with the Players
Client: US Soccer Federation
Application: Transport Women’s World Cup Trophies
Description: Our trophy cases protect two Women’s World Cup Trophies as they tour the world
Business Jet Simulation Equipment Case
Client: Business Class Jet Manufacturer
Application: Business Jet Simulation Equipment
Description: This custom case houses and protects cockpit controls for large 3-axis flight simulators.
“DroneHangar” Ensures Safe Transport and Storage of Camera Drones
Client: DJI
Application: Camera Drones
Description: “DroneHangar” Ensures Safe Transport and Storage of Camera Drones
“DroneHangar” Ensures Safe Transport and Storage of Fully Assembled Camera Drones
Client: Align M470L Quadcopter
Application: Camera Drones
Description: "DroneHangar" Ensures Safe Transport and Storage of Fully Assembled Camera Drones
Custom UAV Cases for Safe Transport
Client: Major UAV Manufacturer
Application: UAV Component Shipment
Description: Custom UAV cases house delicate landing gear and componentry during transport.
Custom Case for Delicate Glass Beakers and Vials
Client: Medical Testing Instrumentation Manufacturer
Application: Safely ship and transport of delicate glass vials and beakers.
Description: Customized Wilson carrying case for safe transport of delicate glass vials and beakers for shipment via FedEx or UPS.
Multiple Laptop Shipping Case
Client: Software Manufacturer
Application: Shipping multiple laptops
Description: Frequent shipment of multiple laptops and accessories
Custom Case for Rapid Descent Devices
Client: Wind Energy Industry
Application: Rapid Descent Devices
Description: Developed for maintenance crews for use on wind turbines
Custom foam insert
Clean Room Applications
Client: Fujitsu
Application: Clean Room
Description: Custom water cut X-Link PE foam for clean room instruments and use.
custom case custom cut foam custom foam case
Custom Case for Maximum Shock Absorption
Client: Sierra Nevada Corporation
Application: Protecting airborne electronic warfare and range instrumentation
Description: Custom Cases provide maximum shock absorption for airborne anti-RCIED instrumentation
custom case custom cut foam custom foam case
Safe Transport of High Voltage Generators
Client: Major Medical Manufacturer
Application: Medical Device Transport
Description: Reusable transport for DC/DC High Voltage Generators
custom case custom cut foam custom foam case
Pediatric Heart Stabilization Device Transport Case
Client: Berlin Heart
Application: Transport of Medical Device
Description: Safe transport of lifesaving pediatric cardiac stabilization device.
Pelican Storm transport case for covert weapons
Covert Weapons Transport Cases
Client: Urban Law Enforcement
Application: Covert Weapons Transport
Description: Custom cases for covert transport of "knocked down" semi-automatic weapons
Dark Black Pelican Case Gray Interior
Medical Device Storage & Transport
Client: Medical Device Manufacturer
Application: Medical Device Storage, Transport
Description: Thermoformed polyethylene case for medical device storage and transport
MIL-SPEC Printer Case
Client: US Army
Application: Military Equipment Transport
Description: Custom case designed to meet military specifications for a high-volume, networked printer
Dark Black Pelican Case Gray Interior
Advanced Surgical Equipment Transport Case
Client: Medical Device Company
Application: Medical Device Transport
Description: Heavy-duty case with maximum protection for transporting lung navigation systems.
Custom case for medical device
Custom Medical Device Shipping Cases
Client: Medical Device Manufacturer
Application: Medical Device Transport, Storage
Description: Reusable custom cases for shipping
custom case custom cut foam custom foam case
MIL-SPEC Handheld Radio Case
Client: Minnesota Department of Homeland Security
Application: Homeland Security
Description: Custom, waterproof carrying case for handheld radios and their accessories
Protective Case for a Mobile Photo Studio
Client: National School Portrait Studios
Application: Mobile Photo Studio
Description: Lightweight, multi-use case with maximum protection for transporting mobile photo studio & equipment
custom case custom cut foam custom foam case pink foam pink case pink custom case
Custom UAV Cases for Testing Equipment
Client: UAV Manufacturer
Application: Instrumentation Shipping
Description: Reusable Custom UAV Cases for Safe Transport of UAV Testing Equipment
Custom case for Indycar shipping
Custom IndyCar Shipping Case
Client: IndyCar Engine Manufacturers
Application: IndyCar Racing
Description: Reusable custom case for shipping IndyCar engines around the globe
Drilling Equipment Custom Shipping Case
Client: Energy industry products and services provider
Application: Energy Industry Equipment
Description: Reusable custom case for shipping a large, heavy drilling device between the US and the UK on a regular basis.
Custom Pelican Storm case for portable defibrillator
Portable Defibrillator Custom Carrying Case
Client: Medical Device Manufacturer
Application: Medical Device Transport
Description: Pelican Storm injection molded case with custom waterjet cut closed cell foam cushioning.
Custom case for mobile military medical sterilization station
Mobile Military Medical Case Sterilization Station
Client: US Military
Application: Medical, Military
Description: After developing their innovative sterilization device, Our client searched for a manufacturing partner who could develop a custom case to meet their stringent requirements. The case would need to be custom-fit to the sterilization equipment and protect the system in some of the most rugged conditions imaginable.
Grey reusable custom case for military use
Custom US-Navy Transport Case
Client: Boeing
Application: Military, Shipping
Description: When Boeing needed a custom case for the United States Navy, they asked us to present a solution. The case needed to be created in a custom size, adhere to a broad range of certifications, undergo extensive testing and integrate custom metal hardware.
Microsoft Rackmount Server Case
Client: Microsoft
Application: Business, IT
Description: Rackmount server case that serves as a compact, mobile safety zone for Microsoft servers in tough environments.


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