The Case for Athletic Cases

Case for Athletic Cases

When athletes hit the road, their gear goes with them. For equipment-heavy sports like football, hockey or skiing, that’s a significant amount of gear – especially for an entire team.

As equipment managers know, transporting a team’s equipment from the locker room to the field or ice is complicated enough – to say nothing of cross-country or international flights. Athletic trainers face a similar challenge; their medical equipment needs to be portable enough to get on and off the field quickly, but durable enough to double as an exam table for an injured athlete.

Getting athletic equipment from one place to another is only part of the undertaking – the gear needs to be secured so that it arrives safely. While some sports gear is durable (and even designed for impact), there are plenty of fragile materials necessary for athletic competition as well.

For example, we recently built a customized case for Mike Schultz, a professional snowboarder who competed in the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games. Mike, who designed and built his own prosthetic leg, needed to transport his leg and snowboard equipment halfway across the world – and it needed to arrive unscathed and in perfect working order. He came to us, and we built him a custom case that delivered.

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From protective gear to fragile medical equipment, Custom Case Group can build athletic cases for any and all sports equipment – no matter how large, complicated, fragile or specialized.

Our full line of athletic cases includes:

  • TablePRO: sturdy, portable treatment tables with ample storage space
  • MobileMed: shipping cases with drawers, bins, shelves and a tabletop
  • CheckMate: compact trainer cases that meet checked baggage requirements of most airlines
  • SplitTop: flip-top lid cases that keep supplies organized and accessible
  • SideLine: athletic equipment trunks made especially for bulky gear
  • HotelPRO: travel cases with gliding drawers, tilt bins, removable trays and more


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