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From oil fields to solar farms, battlefields to disaster zones, conference centers to shipping hubs, our custom cases are protecting mission-critical gear around the globe.


It's difficult to imagine any conditions tougher than the battlefield, and tough conditions are where our custom cases thrive. We've deployed thousands of military cases customized to carry weapons, communication equipment, electronics and lifesaving medical supplies wherever our military operates.


From protecting sensitive communications equipment during oil and gas exploration in the shale reserves of Nebraska, to waterproofing scientific equipment during studies in the Everglades, our custom cases are getting the job done for industrial customers across the country.


When human life is at stake, there's no room for anything but the best. When it comes to custom cases, that's exactly what we offer. Let our team of custom case engineers develop a case that will protect medical equipment, no matter what situation you find yourself in.


At 38,000 feet, there's no room for error. Our aerospace customers have learned that there's no better way to protect sensitive aviation components during transport than with the help of a reusable custom case from the Custom Case Group.


The average cardboard box or wooden shipping crate can only be used once, and even during that first use, it only offers minimal protection. Our reusable custom cases can be reused hundreds of times, all the while offering industry-leading waterproof, crushproof and shockproof protection.

Trade Shows

Whether you exhibit at one, 10 or 100 trade shows per year, it's critical that the products you're exhibiting look their best. Our reusable trade show cases can help transport your gear to and from your shows, and help make setup and takedown faster and easier.

Tech Instrumentation

Communications, scientific, industrial and photographic equipment aren't known for their durability in rough conditions. Our reusable custom cases change that, and let you safely take your equipment anyplace it needs to be used.

OEM/Sales Demo

When you've designed a product that needs specific protection, we're ready to help. From computer monitors to electronic controls systems to testing instruments, our engineers can help you find the right design or the best custom solution.


From the oil well to the refinery and every place in between, the tools and parts used in the oil industry require protection from environmental conditions and transportation hazards. Our reusable custom cases can protect valuable equipment to and from the field.


Whenever you're transporting hazardous materials, safety is the top priority. Our custom cases can offer interior and sealed protection, ensuring that nothing tampers with the contents.


When the call comes to battle the flames or administer First Aid to disaster victims, no time or equipment can be wasted. Our reusable first responder equipment cases include fire-retardant material and other options to preserve the emergency items you need to help save lives. Plus, we offer a line of powerful, energy-saving lights for long hours and search-and-rescue teams.

UAV / Unmanned Vehicles

UAVs and drones have become a critical component of many battlefield, surveillance and industrial operations. As their use has increased, so have the demands for service, transportation and maintenance.


Whether it’s designed to fly over a backyard, a film set, an oil-field or a battlefield, every drone has two things in common: they’re all expensive, and they’re all easy to damage. DroneHangar drone case products from Custom Case Group protect drones, quad copters and UAVs on the ground.

Athletic Equipment

Whether you’re a passionate amateur athlete or the equipment manager or athletic trainer for a professional sports team, our customized cases will protect your gear during transport across a playing field, continent and every distance in between.

Veterinary Equipment

Providing X-rays, ultrasounds, and dental or other veterinary treatment in the field often requires transporting valuable equipment in harsh conditions. Our reusable custom cases offer superior protection and convenient portability for all types of veterinary equipment.