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Roto Pack Cases

Pelican Hardigg has a limited number of rotationally molded cases that can be used for shipping and transport under extremely rugged conditions. These stock roto pack cases include BlackBox rackmount cases, large ruggedized shipping cases, XX-Large ruggedized shipping cases and specialty cases. Roto pack cases are watertight, dustproof and surprisingly lightweight.


BlackBox Rackmount Cases

BlackBox rackmount cases are available in seven different rack U sizes. All BlackBox rackmount cases are 24” deep with a steel rack frame and 10/32” threads designed to meet ANSI/EIA 310-C standards. They have 2” deep front lids and 5” deep rear lids with edge casters. On the outside, they have recessed handles and latches and are watertight.


Large, X-Large, XX-Large Ruggedized Shipping Cases

Ruggedized Shipping Cases come in 10 different sizes. All of these cases are watertight and feature recessed latches and handles and stacking ribs. At EPS and SCS, we can deliver customized ruggedized shipping cases with foam and other options for extra protection.


Specialty Products

Specialty Products include two types of field desks, three medical supply chests, footlockers and trunklockers. These cases are ideal for military use overseas. Please visit the Pelican Hardigg Military Cases section for more information.


  1. MOLDED-IN STACKING RIBS - Secure Non-Slip Stacking on Matched Size Cases

  2. COMFORT GRIP HANDLES - A Pelican-Hardigg Patented Feature, Heavy-Duty, Spring Loaded to Lay Flat

  3. PATENTED MOLDED-IN METAL INSERTS - Catch and Hinge Attachment Points, Designed to Distribute Load to Case Walls

  4. RECESSED HARDWARE - Hardware Protected from Impact, Snag Free Transport

  5. DOUBLE WALLED RIM FOR TONGUE-IN-GROOVE SEAL - Remains Sealed After Impact, Splash and Rain Resistant, Air and Watertight Options

  6. POSITIVE ANTI-SHEAR LOCKS - Prevent Lid Separation Upon Impact, Minimize Hardware Stress

  7. REINFORCED CORNERS AND EDGES - 15% to 20% Thicker Corners and Edges for Added Impact Protection

Customized Pelican Case with Grey Interior