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The Super MAC is Pelican Hardigg’s most compact rackmount case. Lightweight with a small footprint, the Super MAC can hold equipment weighing 20-200 pounds. These cases are 24” deep. Removable racks make it easy to access equipment.

EPS and SCS can deliver customized Super MAC cases with extra support and shock absorption. We’ll work to make it easy for you to store and transport sensitive equipment.


  1. Textured low visibility finish for unobtrusive storage and transport.

  2. Patented Comfort Grip Handles™ make lifting easy.

  3. Recessed, cobalt black hardware is long-lasting and fastens securely.

  4. 24" wide - two cases can fit side-by-side in most military vehicles.

  5. Molded-in rib design provides secure stacking and interlock.

  6. Patent pending shock mount design.

  7. Removable rack features Lock ‘N Load™, a quick latch system that locks racks securely into place for transit, unlike competitive models that can slide freely upon impact.

  8. Space-saving, light weight case with a removable rack option.

  9. Molded-in lid hangers allow lid to hang easily from the side of the case.

Customized Pelican Case with Grey Interior

Common Super MAC Case Customizations

  • Airtight/Watertight
  • Bezel Plate
  • Card Holder
  • Casters
  • Lid Storage
  • Coupling Catches
  • Drawers
  • Metal or Comfort Grip Handles
  • Extra Handles
  • Wider Frames
  • Humidity Indicator
  • I.D. Plate
  • Keyboard Trays
  • Labels & Stenciling
  • Lid Hangers
  • Lifting Rings
  • Leg Extensions
  • Locks
  • Rack Slides
  • Removable Racks
  • Fixed Shelves
  • Custom Hardware
  • Adjustable Vertical and Horizontal Supports
  • Fixed Bottom Support Rails