5 Ways Trade Shows Can “Go Green”

Woman reading book about going green

The “greening” of trade shows is long overdue. In a recent article featured on Meetings and Conventions, our President Tim Jennings discusses some simple, meaningful ways event showcasers can improve their carbon footprint.

As an outside participant by way of designing custom cases for numerous trade shows, we’ve seen the waste that can accompany these events. As Tim notes, “Technology and design complexity…has increased the toll the industry is taking on the environment.” However, solutions are available.

A few major areas of improvement discussed in the article include:

  • Reuse over new
  • Recycling over landfills
  • Sustainability as a company culture

Tim also includes practical, easily implemented solutions to making your next trade show one Mother Earth will appreciate.

Check out the full article here – 5 Ways the Trade-Show Industry Can Go Greener


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