3 Healthcare Industry Trends

Healthcare industry trends

In a recent in article on the Electronics Protection Magazine website, our President, Tim Jennings, offers up some insights into what we think is the most exciting of the current healthcare industry trends—mobile medicine. Because we’ve been making custom cases for medical devices for decades, we get a type of “behind the scenes” look at the industry trends here at CCG. And, lately, we’re seeing strong evidence that things are on the move—most literally!

In the article, Tim presents these 3 insights:

  1. Manufacturers are Ordering More Mobile Device Cases
  2. Medical Organizations Are Responding
  3. Supply Chain Companies Adapting to the Change Are Benefitting

He also gives some handy device on how—based on what we’ve seen among our medical device manufacturing customers—companies on the supply chain can keep up with the incredibly fast pace of the mobile medicine trend.

Check out the full article here – 3 Insights into the Future of Medical Device R&D


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