Top BIOMed Attendees Not to Miss

In a couple of weeks, we’ll be attending BIOMEDevice San Jose, Silicon Valley’s leading event for medtech professionals. With more than 250 supplies and 1,500 medical industry professionals, we’re looking forward to meeting industry leaders and hearing more about the latest developments, trends and breakthroughs across the industry.

Here are the attendees we’re most looking forward to connecting with:

Crystal IS

Booth #533

Crystal IS manufactures proprietary, high-performance LEDs that use deep UV (UVC) technology to disinfect medical devices and equipment and to purify water. In addition to being easy to use, Crystal IS’s UVC lights are effective against superbugs like C. difficile and MRSA, and don’t contribute to antibiotic resistance.

Dinsmore Inc.

Booth #1141

From design and development to prototyping and manufacturing, the 3D-printing experts at Dinsmore have been pioneering innovative technologies for clients across the medical industry since 2002, including building life-size anatomical replicas to help surgeons prepare for complex operations.

All Flex Inc.

Booth #936

These days, so many medical devices, diagnostic equipment and surgery tools are powered by flexible circuits. Expert, full-service manufacturer All Flex offers assembly, testing and design of single, double and multi-layer flex circuits, as well as heaters and assemblies.

Enable Inc.

Booth #340

It’s all in the name – Enable Inc. makes custom, miniature low-cost imaging solutions more accessible than ever. Their tailor-made micro-imaging solutions are helping device manufacturers around the country build safer, more effective products.

Diverse Optics

Booth #225

From illumination, disposables and instrumentation to dental, medical and molecular imaging, Diverse Optics transforms expensive, heavy and complicated optical systems into commercially viable and lightweight polymer optic components, modules and assemblies.

Evolve Manufacturing

Booth #621

Evolve Manufacturing is a full-service contract manufacturer specializing in building electro-mechanical medical devices. Their devices, which range in size from large-scale robotic surgical tools to small implantables, are used for cancer treatment, ultrasounds and non-invasive surgeries.

Statek Corp

Booth #727

Statek Corporation designs and manufactures ultra-miniature quartz crystals, oscillators and sensors used in cardiac rhythm management, neurostimulators, RF telemetry, infusion pumps, cochlear implants, orthopedic implants, retinal & glaucoma implants and patient monitoring equipment.

Zimmer & Peacock

Booth #1222

Leaders in electrochemical sensor manufacturing and biosensor technologies, Zimmer & Peacock is an ideal partner from research and development through to productization and commercialization.


Westfall Technik

Booth #533

With a broad array of international companies and experts under its umbrella, Westfall Technik leverages the constant evolution of medical technology to create high-end manufacturing solutions for plastics parts in the medical industry.