Things Keep Going Green

Inbound Logistics Magazine

And we keep getting to write about it!

Our President Tim Jennings got the privilege of writing a brand-new article about going green in the shipping industry on this month.

In the article, Tim talks about the five factors we’ve found to be most important in green operations around here at CCG:

  1. Incorporating Lean Thinking
  2. Using a Transportation Management System (TMS)
  3. Shipping With Reusable Cases (naturally)
  4. Using Direct Thermal Printing
  5. Establishing a Green Company Culture

For the details, you’ll have to check out the full article, “Supply Chain Commentary: 5 Ways Shippers Can Go Green.” By the way, we think the coolest thing about these “going green” articles Tim has been writing lately is that they’re just another way for us to do our part to ensure a clean air future. Bonus!


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