Virtual Reality Transport Case (HTC Vive Case Setup)

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Thanks to the use of virtual reality (VR) technology in the commercial real estate industry, buying and even building “sight unseen” are things of the past. And this, of course, has become a real boon for industry sales these days. But VR equipment is even more fragile than it is expensive, which is why one of our commercial real estate clients came to us recently asking for a custom case to protect their valuable investment—a complete, two-camera HTC Vive Case setup.

As with most custom case orders calling for extreme security and protection, we started with a Pelican case—this time the Storm IM2975. Then, using waterjet foam cutting technology, we created internal foam housing designed to fit the whole system safely and securely while providing ideal visual inventory and allowing for easy in and out. Our finished case holds one VR headset with power supply, two tripod camera stands, two VR cameras, two hand controllers, one large screen laptop and power supply, plus extra cables.