Safe Transport of High Voltage Generators

custom case custom cut foam custom foam case

When human life is on the line, hospitals and healthcare facilities rely upon their medical imaging equipment to detect and diagnose serious injury and illness. A major medical manufacturer turned to EPS to create a reusable custom shipping case for the safe transport of mission-critical DC/DC high voltage generators to keep vital medical equipment in operation.

Our packaging specialists customized a Wilson case with reversible lid/base and reinforced, flush-set handles. When the “lid” is removed, it becomes the base of the container used to remove the “old” generator prior to shipment back to factory for regular servicing. Conversely, the new generator is wheeled into place on what was shipping case’s base and replaces the imaging equipment with a “new” generator.

This ingenious configuration facilitates frequent shipments of heavy DC/DC high voltage generators with minimal effort, while protecting them in transit to and from the factory.