Pediatric Heart Stabilization Device Transport Case

custom case custom cut foam custom foam case

The human heart is the hardest working muscle in our bodies – it never rests and must recover from exercise and strain almost immediately. Berlin Heart, a leading medical device manufacturer specializing in cardiac equipment, approached SCS to design a reusable custom case for shipping & handling their EXCOR® pediatric cardiac stabilization device.

Our packaging specialists were excited to design a reusable custom case which would enable doctors to help save the lives of children with serious medical conditions. We designed and provided them with a Wilson fabricated roll-in-ramp case, renowned for their durability, dependability, and ease of operation. Next, we customized the interior of the case with the proper foam to provide the highest degree of protection for this sensitive medical device.

Now, when hospitals require this specialized cardiac equipment for their pediatric patients, Berlin Heart confidently ships EXCOR® to hospitals around the globe knowing their device will arrive safe and sound. After all, a child’s life depends on it.