Outdoor Speaker Case Set

Ask any audiophile who they’d consider the “Lamborghini” of the sound world, and there’s a good chance they’d say MartinLogan. For decades, the high-end speaker manufacturer has been known for its premium indoor and outdoor sound products, which are used in some of the finest venues across the globe.

When it comes to protecting precision sound technology, vibration is a major threat, and the right foam is a critical defense. So, recently, when MartinLogan needed custom four-in-one and subwoofer cases capable of protecting one of its outdoor speaker sets, they reached out to us. Our team started with a Pelican case exterior. Then, we chose an interior foam material with the necessary density and vibration absorption qualities. We rounded the process out using our custom water-jet technology to create the ideal cradling support. The result was a set of cases fit to house the finest of sound.