NASCAR Device Charging Station

We always love working with the NASCAR FedEx team because… well, fast cars. So, when they approached us to create a custom mobile device charging station for team use, we jumped at the chance.

NASCAR doesn’t do anything at slow speed, whether it’s running from the pit to the track in an emergency or running from city to city between races. And that means they put their stuff—no matter what it is—to the durability test. So, we went in knowing that this charging station would have to be easy to use, easy to transport and able to withstand life at the speed of NASCAR. Knowing that, the logical choice for the outer shell was a sturdy but light Pelican Storm case. With our custom-engineered foam interior in place, the end result was a portable mobile device charging station perfectly capable of handling whatever a fast-moving team might throw its way. In fact, the FedEx team loves its charging station so much, it looks like we’ll be making charging stations for a few more NASCAR teams. In it to win it!