Mobile Military Medical Case Sterilization Station

Custom case for mobile military medical sterilization station

High-heat steam sterilization techniques don’t translate well to military field hospitals. A typical sterilization autoclave requires temperatures of near 250°F to complete a sterilization cycle. Generating that much heated steam requires large, heavy equipment that draws significant amounts of power. Large heavy equipment and significant power draws are both major inconveniences in a military field hospital.

Sterilucent™ developed a solution. Their innovative Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer sterilizes equipment at just 131°F. Not only does that mean lower power consumption in the field, it also means that many materials that can’t stand up to the high temperatures of standard sterilization techniques can be sterilized in their system.

After developing their innovative sterilization device, Sterilucent™ searched for a manufacturing partner who could develop a custom case to meet their stringent requirements. The case would need to be custom-fit to the sterilization equipment and protect the system in some of the most rugged conditions imaginable. It would need to integrate storage for accessories and incorporate lids that would open to form legs for the device. Finally, it had to meet a broad range of MIL-STD-801G standards for protection and transportation, all while being easy to decontaminate and minimizing weight.

With their stringent requirements, Sterilucent™ was initially stymied when they met with other custom case manufacturers. No one could deliver a custom case their device demanded. No one, except for SCS.

Our engineers were thrilled by the challenge. They worked with Sterilucent™ and our partners at Zarges to develop a customized, rugged and lightweight case that met the requirements. The result is the Sterilucent™ Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer, a revolutionary sterilizer capable of operating in battlefields in the most demanding conditions on the planet.

In September of 2013, Sterilucent™ received the Defense Alliance “Architect of Defense” Award in recognition of their work on innovative field sterilization devices. In March of 2014, the sterilizer received its CE mark, allowing it to be marketed and sold internationally.