MIL-SPEC Printer Case

Tough Under Fire – Hard Cases Designed to MIL-SPEC

In today’s modern warfare environment, deployment to hotspots around the globe requires precision planning – and maximum protection for mission-critical gear. Everyone – and everything – must arrive safely and ready for action. The U.S. Army came to Custom Case Group to design a case to meet military specifications (MIL-SPEC) for a high-volume, networked printer used by an entire battalion.

Working with the Department of Defense (DOD), Custom Case Group had to adhere to MIL-SPEC – a stringent set of requirements – in meeting the demands of multiple and rapid deployments, at a moment’s notice. With numerous protocols to meet – from military identification, electronic transport and specialized shipping container requirements – this meant special consideration during the design phase.

The printer case had to be airtight/water tight, and its cushioning had to meet the DOD’s Standard Practice for Military Packaging. Plus, the printer had to be operable within the case. Our packaging specialists started with a two-piece, roto-molded, single lid case, with built-in heavy-duty handles for transportation, and an antistatic, high-density polyurethane foam custom-fit cushion to protect and accommodate the printer and its accessories.

Easy to set up and break down, when the container’s base is removed, it’s inverted and fits atop the container to become the printer’s workstation, while the interior becomes storage for printer cartridges, paper, electrical cords, etc.

After learning “MIL-SPEAK” (a language singular to military personnel), we were confident we had created a hard case designed to MIL-SPEC’s exacting standards – and the rigors of combat. The DOD even let us pick the color – as long as it was Army green.