Medical Device Storage & Transport

Dark Black Pelican Case Gray Interior

When it comes to protecting your health, hospitals and medical professionals depend on GE Healthcare solutions. GE Healthcare manufactures X-ray machines, CAT scanners and MRI machines. These lifesaving machines require frequent calibration with delicate scientific instruments, so GE Healthcare asked Custom Case Group to develop a durable, reusable and long-lasting solution for protecting, storing and transporting these fragile calibration tools.

Specialized instruments need engineered protection. Our packaging specialists determined what type of foam cushioning material to use to completely protect the devices from knocks, drops and falls based on the customer’s specified fragility level. After testing the instruments, we selected polyurethane foam cushioning, the best cushioning solution for equipment with a high volume-to-weight ratio. The instruments are also stored in a climate-controlled environment, which also influenced our decision.

For the case itself, we decided to use a thermoformed polyethylene case from Parker Plastics. From shipping to storage, Parker Plastics cases are easy to handle and transport, and they met GE Healthcare’s criteria for a durable, highly protective solution for these delicate instruments.