Emergency Medical Response Gear Gets Pelican Custom Case Treatment

For emergency medical response teams, reliable communication is critical. Ensuring that crews receive the right information can literally spell the difference between life and death. But communication equipment — radios, walkie-talkies, dispatchers, etc. — is fragile and easily damaged in transit. That’s why the Illinois Medical Emergency Team (IMERT) contacted us with a request to create custom cases that would protect essential communication equipment during their responses.

A dedicated organization of multidisciplinary volunteers, IMERT provides emergency services during large-scale catastrophes — the kinds of events that overwhelm hospitals and surrounding communities. Twenty years after starting as a small council of medical professionals, the team has expanded into a highly sophisticated and influential network of doctors, logistics coordinators, safety specialists and beyond. Their continued growth as an organization has helped to save countless lives in Illinois and across the U.S.

Custom Case Group collaborated with IMERT to develop a specialized Pelican Storm Case outfitted with waterjet-cut ethafoam that snugly fit each and every piece of equipment and accessory. The result? Undamaged radio equipment that works as it should, when it’s needed.

We’re honored to have been able to assist an organization so committed to their mission. May your communications always remain crisp, clear and unbroken.