Diesel Fuel Test Kit

custom case custom cut foam custom foam case

Diesel fuel quality control is important for all kinds of reasons. For one, high quality fuels can reduce pollutant emissions. Better fuel also means better performance, better profits and a better economy. That’s why we were pleased when one of the top U.S. petroleum companies asked us to customize transport cases for their diesel quality control test kits. After all, it’s always nice to be part of something worthwhile!

For this design, we recognized two critical factors: (1) The case would carry very expensive instruments, and (2) the quality control guys would be traveling to and from many refineries on a regular basis. So we customized this Pelican Storm case for ease of use, efficiency and extreme protection. Using our advanced waterjet cutting system, we made sure that each test instrument would be snug as a bug, but also super easy to take out and put back in.