Customizing an Indestructible Case to Protect a 2.15 Ton Medical Device

Custom Case Group was tasked with designing a case for an unprecedented medical device that weighs 2,300 lbs. and measures over 10′ long, 6.5′ tall and 5′ front to back. The case design is intentionally very intricate so that the technician can access the machine at various intervals.

Each portion of the case needs to be removed in a careful, logical and helpful way. First, the top left part of the case is removed; then, the top right; and finally, the lower front of the case is removed.

Following this, there are multiple aluminum ramps that hinge down. These ramps are kept at a maximum angle of six degrees so that the machine can be manually loaded and unloaded.

The bottom of this extraordinary case has a 4-way forklift and aluminum base frame to support the massive device while it’s being moved around. It is indestructible in every way, and has served the company extremely well!