Custom US-Navy Transport Case

Grey reusable custom case for military use

Boeing and EPS have had a longstanding relationship. As the world’s second largest aerospace and defense contractor, Boeing is responsible for much of the equipment used by military forces around the world. They know that when they work with us, they’re working with an experienced and trustworthy partner.

When Boeing needed a custom case for the United States Navy, they asked us to present a solution. The case needed to be created in a custom size, adhere to a broad range of certifications, undergo extensive testing and integrate custom metal hardware.

Our engineers were excited by the challenge. We proposed a custom-sized, rotationally molded container from Pelican-Hardigg that integrated the required custom metal hardware. After comparing our proposal with those from several other manufacturers, Boeing decided to move forward with EPS.

After constructing the initial prototypes, we worked with Boeing to perform a wide range of tests. These tests were necessary to demonstrate that the cases met the required mil-spec certifications, as well as custom certifications that related to the container’s intended use. The cases passed the tests with flying colors.

Today, hundreds of these cases are in active use by the United States Navy, successfully living out their intended role.