Chemical Distillation Flask Transport Case

A flask is a flask, right? That’s what we thought, too, until we were recently approached by a company in need of highly custom cases for a highly expensive chemical distillation flask set designed to burn down chemical compounds under extreme heat. Nothing like the $5 Bunsen burner beakers we all remember shattering from time to time in chemistry class, these complex flasks cost between $500 and $1,000 apiece.

As you can imagine, keeping this high-cost equipment from shattering during transport was of the utmost importance in the case design. Naturally, we started at the top with a Pelican Storm outer case as the first line defense. The rest would be up to the custom foam inside. The inner housing design would require precise fit for safe removal and storage, which we accomplished using our advanced waterjet foam cutting technology. However, choosing the correct foam to begin with was really the most fimportant part. Certain foam types and densities provide ideal protection from vibration and impact at different magnitudes and of different types. Knowing that, we chose a closed-cell polyethylene foam for the inner housing. Put it all together, and the result was a custom case fit for… well… thousand-dollar glass flasks.