Audio Tele-conferencing Equipment

custom case custom cut foam custom foam case

Teleconferencing is becoming a more important method of communication in our world every day. And it makes sense. Studies show that the strategic use of teleconferencing in business and education can boost organizational productivity, streamline costs by reducing the need for travel, and allow for short-notice meetings. However, teleconferencing equipment is often on the go, traveling from office to office or event to event. Shure, the world’s leading manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics, asked us to design a case that would keep this equipment safe and sound on busy days.

Considering the fragility of this type of audio electronics equipment, we started with toughest of the tough—a Pelican Storm case. We then engineered a waterjet-cut foam interior at the exact dimensions of the Shure MX412 audio teleconferencing equipment, which includes five Shure microphones and a processor.