A Military Storage Case With Muscle

When the military needs to store and transport gear, supplies and weapons, it’s not hard to imagine how heavy some of those loads can be when cases are stacked together during storage and transit. That means cases for the military should check off two boxes: staying strong enough to withstand heavy weights, but light enough to bear those burdens without adding to them excessively. That’s where custom polyethylene cases come in.

A large military customer approached us looking for more information about this kind of advanced case. We designed a case to spec and prepared several for weight testing to prove their stacking strength. These trunk-style cases – featuring one-piece construction, special corrugations and molded-in ribs for added strength – were placed under 1,800 pounds of weight for an entire week at temperatures ranging from 73?F to 75?F. At the end of the week, it was clear that the cases had passed the test with flying colors. Convinced by the results, the customer proceeded with the order.