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DroneHangar Helps Celebrate #DronesForGood at International Event

drone hangar at international drone day
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We had an incredible time Saturday (May 7) hanging out with the OC Drone Fanatics and other drone
 lovers like us at an awesome international event—International Drone Day (IDD). The event was one of
many that took place all over the world to promote the fact that drones are really helping make our world a better place!


About International Drone Day

The creators of That Drone Show, Sarah and David Oneal, founded IDD to help educate the public about booth activities good.JPGall the good drones do and to dispel some of the myths flying around. They held the first annual IDD last 

year, which inspired local events involving 40,000 people from all over the world, and attracted all kinds of positive mainstream media coverage for drones. This year’s Orange County, California, event was hosted in Costa Mesa by Urban Workshop, a group of enthusiasts, hobbyists and professionals dedicated to educating the public about drones and the drone industry.

Our Booth

We let attendees get up close and personal with the newest DH LITE case model, which includes backpack straps in addition to the shoulder strap. Much to our distinct joy, the case was quite a hit. It seemed thatBooth 1.JPG

 the general consensus was: (1) It’s so light! and (2) What a great price! 

We made lots of friends, learned a ton, and got to show off the coolest drone case in the world to a bunch of the coolest people in the world. It was, by and large, a very good day.

Hey #DronesAreGood!

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