Life-Saving Drone Tech Is Transforming Custom Cases from a Great Idea into a Total Necessity

Engineered Packaging Solutions CEO Tim Jennings’s article, “3 Ways OEMs Must ‘Think Outside The Box’ for Medical Drone Tech,” was recently published in Medical Design Technology Magazine. We’re excited to report that the article was also selected as a feature in the publisher’s upcoming newsletter. In the article, Tim discusses how the development of medical applications for UAVs is booming, promising to open up an entirely new realm for life-saving technology.

He says, “[A]s with any new technological development, there will be challenges. One of the greatest is in an area that might seem trivial at first glance—the transport case.” According to Tim, facing this challenge successfully will require the industry to reevaluate an old paradigm: namely, that the custom case is a luxury rather than a necessity.

Tim points to the great potential for product failure and the extreme implications of this failure. He then spotlights the capability of rapidly increasing demand for life-saving drone technology to intensify this risk of failure.

In the article, he says, “Life-saving medical UAVs are fragile and complex, and they’re always out in the field by virtue of their purpose. These devices are constantly exposed to sand and salt, rain and sun, freezing temperatures and extreme heat—and they’re moved around a lot. Protecting them from damage that might cause delays is essential. This is because a well-protected drone is a drone that is in working order when the need for it arises. Along the chain of life-saving efforts, any delay or slip up could mean the difference between life and death. When viewed from that perspective, the incredible significance of the case becomes obvious.”

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