Latest Pelican Case Tech – We Got It!

Latest Pelican case technology

You asked for the latest Pelican case tech, and we delivered. CCG now stocks the Pelican-Hardigg™ V-Series and the Pelican ™ Air—world’s lightest protector case.

We’ve just sent a press release out on the wire, but we wanted to make sure our blog readers got the latest news about our Pelican case inventory, too. We’re super excited to let you all know we know have Pelican-Hardigg V-Series and Pelican Air cases ready and waiting to fulfill your most complex case protection needs! These two case lines represent Pelican’s most advanced technological developments to date. Read on and we’ll tell you why.


The World’s Lightest

Pelican has been the innovator of all kinds of “firsts” in the shipping and protector case industry, and the Pelican Air Series is their newest next-level invention. Part of the Protector family of cases, these are the lightest polymer protector case in the world. The Air Series’ next-level status can be attributed to its insane strength-to-weight ratio. Though the cases are up to 40-percent lighter than other polymer cases, they still pass Pelican’s intensive battery of tests at the Massachusetts lab and are just as strong as cases several times their weigh. And, like the entire Pelican case line, they’re guaranteed for life.


The Air Series’ Secret

There are two parts to Pelican’s secret behind the Air Series’ uncanny lightness: materials and design. First, the cases are made with the next generation of the company’s proprietary HPX™ 2 resin—a material with an unmatched ability to rebound from direct impact.

Second, the case design is a marvel of structural engineering. To reduce basic waste and weight without compromising durability, Pelican’s engineers configured the cases using a series of honeycomb structural elements and stiffened, hollow full box sections. Then, they aggregated the weight-limit and maximum size dimensions from various airlines and included an automatic purge valve to compensate for air pressure. And so emerged a series of cases optimized for maximum carrying capacity at the lowest possible weight—opening up all kinds of possibilities for companies that regularly ship heavier equipment via air transport.


The V-Series’ Amazing R&D

Does your company have regular need for professional grade rack mount cases? If so, you’re familiar with the inconvenience of waiting sometimes weeks for your custom order to arrive. You’ve probably just come to expect (and plan for) the extended wait.

To put an end to that waiting game, Pelican created the V-Series—professional rack mount cases that are ready to go right off the shelf. And we mean really ready to go; every case in the series is compliant with the United Nations’ Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHs) directive as well as its Registration, Evaluation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulation.

So how’d they do it? With Data. Because they’ve designed many thousands of custom rack mount cases for countless customers over the past several decades, Pelican has developed a very large dataset of common configurations. This dataset allowed the company’s engineers to tease out a range of the most common configurations based on the statistical ideal. They then added a sealed gasket and pressure release valve to the mix, and the rack mount case of the future was born.


We’re happy to report that Pelican’s latest case tech is already benefitting some of our customers—helping their companies save money and simplify logistics. If you’d like to learn more, hop over to our product pages:
Pelican-Hardigg™ V-Series
Pelican ™ Air


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