6 Tips to Keep Your RC Drone Flying High

Calling all RC drone pilots! If you missed CCG President Tim Jennings’ article on Dronelife.com earlier this year, it’s time to check it out. In the article, titled “The 6 Do’s of Drone Protection,” Tim lays out six of the most important things you can do to make sure your investment remains in ship shape condition for as long as possible. To peak your interest, here’s a list of the tips:


Do #1:

Follow a Flight Checklist


Do #2:

Apply Hydrophobic Coating


Do #3:

Avoid a Hack Attack


Do #4:

Take Care of Your Battery


Do #5:

Get Drone Insurance


Do #6:

Get a Case


For all the nuts and bolts of these do’s, you’ll have to check out the article on Dronelife. We promise, your drone will thank you. Happy flying, everyone!


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