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Custom Military/Defense Cases

At EPS and SCS, we consider it a privilege to be able to create custom cases that help the servicemen and women of the armed forces do their jobs. Reusable cases customized by EPS and SCS have been used by all five branches of the United States Armed Forces.

We work directly with military agencies and defense contractors to develop reusable custom cases for military applications. From weapon transport cases to rackmount server cases, our custom military cases fill a wide variety of roles in today’s armed services.

When you work with EPS and SCS, you have access to custom military equipment cases from top manufacturers, along with our capabilities for advanced customization. Our customization facilities in California and Minnesota are ready to help develop custom military cases that meet your exact specifications.

Common Military/Defense Applications

Weapon Cases
Electronics Cases & Enclosures
Rackmount Cases
Optics Transportation
Medical Equipment
Spare Parts Transportation
Ammunition Cases
Field Desk Cases
Missile Cases
Radar & Satellite Equipment Cases
Deployment Cases