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Custom Aerospace Cases

At 38,000 feet, there’s no room for error. Our aerospace customers have learned that there’s no better way to protect sensitive aviation components during transport than with the help of a reusable custom case from EPS and SCS.

While traditional cardboard packaging or wooden shipping crates can only be used once, or at most a few times, our reusable custom cases are designed for hundreds of repeat uses.   When that reusability is combined with our cases' superior protection, many of our customers have found reusable custom cases to be a very cost-effective option. 

When you work with EPS and SCS, you have access to custom ATA-certified cases from top manufacturers, along with our advanced customization capabilities.   Our customization facilities in California and Minnesota are ready to help develop custom aerospace cases that meet your exact specifications. 

Let Us Build You The Perfect Case

Common Aerospace Applications

  • Spare Parts Transportation
  • Parts Repair & Service Shipping
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Transportation
  • Aircraft Auxiliary Power Unit Cases (APUs)
  • Instrumentation & Avionics Cases
  • ATA-Approved Cases