How to Choose the Best Drone UAV Case

DroneHangar hard case with a quadcopter

Our most recent article on offers up some great pointers for those looking to pick the ideal drone UAV case

You don’t want to miss CCG President Tim Jennings’ most recent article on—especially if you just spent a bundle on a new drone or UAV! The article, titled, “What to Look for in a Drone Case,” gives readers an in-depth breakdown of the most important factors to consider when picking a case. Here’s a quick overview of the main points in the article.

According to Tim, the first thing you’ve got to consider is what your drone will do for you; once you have a full understanding of that, you’ll be ready to make your first decision—whether to go with a hard or soft case. Tim goes on to discuss the benefits of each case type, offering a detailed outline of the built-in and customizable features you’ll want to consider. He breaks these features down into those he considers optional, like dustproofing or custom foam interior, and those that are essential, like the case’s carrying capacity.

Before you buy your drone case, head over to and check out Tim’s article to make sure you make the right choice to protect your investment.


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