5 Quick Reasons Your Tech Needs A Custom Case

Depending on corrugated cardboard rather than a custom case to house and transport an extraordinarily intricate tech device used to save people’s lives is a bad idea. You could even say it’s tantamount to rope towing a Ferrari behind a Chevy truck. Who would do that? But, believe it or not, in today’s medical world, the ‘supercars’ of mobile technology are all too often being dragged at the end of the rope. In a recent Medical Design Technology Magazine article, Engineered Packaging Solutions CEO Tim Jennings makes the case for customized packaging, offering five no-brainer reasons why your tech needs and deserves the care and consideration of a custom case. Here they are:


1.) Visibility

Because it makes a place for components and accessories, a custom case gives its user a quick visual inventory — a benefit much more significant than it might seem at first glance. In a critical situation, the last thing a responder should have to worry about is finding the right attachment. To put it in perspective, imagine a person losing their life because a needed device attachment shook loose, causing the user to rummage through a box full of shipping peanuts. Such a momentary delay could be just long enough to make the difference between life and death.


2.) Lower The Stress Of High Maintenance

It’s not unusual for high tech equipment to require regular maintenance and frequent calibration. By optimizing visual inventory and providing a hand-in-glove fit for components, custom cases greatly reduce the damaging impact of having to move fragile equipment in and out of its housing.


3.) Keep Equipment Clean

When you’re talking about lifesaving equipment like dialysis machines, defibrillators, and pediatric cardiac stabilizers, cleanliness really is next to godliness. Unlike boxes, custom cases spec’d with closed cell cushioning and special coatings keep out a lot more than dust, enabling rapid sterilization, which inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, and the spread of contagions.


4.) Simplify Logistics And Speed Deployment

Cases can be designed according to rigid military specifications (MILSPEC). This means the cases actually contribute to faster deployment of military field hospitals, mobile surgery units, and mission-critical sterilization devices.


5.) Make Products Look Nice and Professional

Reusable custom cases give expensive, state-of-the-art devices a polished and professional appearance. And, in the eyes of the medical device-marketplace beholder, beauty could be the deciding factor in a tough decision. As a bonus, when it comes custom cases, which offer unmatched protection and provide added value in the form of enhanced visual inventory, beauty is much more than skin-deep.

To learn more about why you need to include a custom case in your tech package, check out Jennings’ recent article in Medical Design Technology Magazine.