“DroneHangar” Ensures Safe Transport and Storage of Camera Drones

Client: DJI
Application: Camera Drones
Description: “DroneHangar” Ensures Safe Transport and Storage of Camera Drones
Customization: Pelican/Hardigg with Anti-Static Foam Interiors

For filmmakers and photographers, camera drones have inspired the creative process and given them the ability to capture images that were once out of reach. DJI, a leading manufacturer of aerial Quad Copters, approached Custom Case Group to design a case to house and transport their delicate and expensive drones such as the Phantom Vision series and the Inspire 1.

Renown for durability and configurability, our design engineers customized a Pelican case specifically for the burgeoning unmanned aerial vehicle and drone industry, and dubbed it the DroneHangar Case Line.

We used high quality EPE foam with a red Cellu- cushion top cushioning for the interior, custom water jet cut to fit the quad copter – and its accessories securely – while providing a quick visual inventory of components.

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