Rackmount cases are ideal whether you’re shipping sensitive equipment across town or around the world. We offer rackmount cases that are shockproof and protect against damage caused by vibration. These cases will maintain the integrity and components of your most valuable equipment, from communication systems to scientific instruments.


Best of all, EPS and SCS can provide customized rackmount cases for your specific requirements. We can help design cases with extra racks and shock mounts, custom interiors, wheels and casters and more.


Common Rackmount Case Customizations

  • Custom Case Sizes
  • 5” Deep Lids
  • Locks
  • Specially Designed Shock Mounts
  • Removable Racks or Fixed Shelves
  • Cooling Airflow for Operating Equipment
  • Weight Requirements
  • Custom Hardware
  • Easy Rack Removal

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Give us a bit of info about your project, and our engineers will be happy to help you find the Rackmount case that meets your needs.

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