Pelican Air

Meet The World’s Lightest Heavyweight.

Pelican ™ Air Series

There Is No Lighter Polymer Protector Case


This series is ushering in a new era in protection. By combining the latest polymer technology with tried-and-true Pelican toughness, Pelican Air Cases are up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases, and they’re guaranteed for life.

At CCG we can customize any configuration you need.

Visit our Video Library for a backstage pass to the Pelican-Hardigg™ testing lab, and see why so many professionals trust Pelican Cases.


How Are They So Strong?

 Air Cases incorporate the next generation of lightweight Pelican HPX&tm; resin, a proprietary formula that rebounds without breaking.

Honeycomb structural elements and super-stiff full box sections comprising hollow parts reduce structural waste (and weight) without compromising durability.


Shared Features Across All Models

  • Super-Light Proprietary HPX 2 Polymer
  • Proven Tough Double-Throw Latches
  • Automatic Purge Valve Balances Air Pressure
  • Watertight O-Ring Gasket
  • New Style "Conic Curve" Lid Shape
  • Crushproof and Dustproof
  • Stainless-Steel Hasp Protectors
  • Rubber Overmolded Handles
  • Removable Polycarbonate Card Holder w/Front or Side Placement


Compact for Hand Carrying
AIR 1485
Lightest Carry-On
AIR 1525
Carry More Gear
AIR 1555
Roomiest for Hand Carrying
AIR 1605
Exterior Dimensions
Exterior Dimensions
Exterior Dimensions
Exterior Dimensions
Interior Dimensions
Interior Dimensions
Interior Dimensions
Interior Dimensions
Weight w/foam 5.39 lb Weight w/foam 7.13 lb Weight w/foam 9.02 lb Weight w/foam 11.61 lb
Weight w/out foam 7.05 lb Weight w/out foam 8.29 lb Weight w/out foam 10.58 lb Weight w/out foam 13 lb

Say Goodbye To Oversize Baggage Charges

To create these incredible cases, Pelican&tm; engineers aggregated various airlines’ rules for maximum size dimensions, optimized the designs for max carrying capacity at the lowest possible weight, and added standard wheels. The results? Ideal.

Max-Wheeled Carry-On
AIR 1535
Max-Wheeled Check-In
AIR 1615
Exterior Dimensions
21.96 × 11.97 × 8.98”
Exterior Dimensions
32.58 × 18.4 × 11.02”
Interior Dimensions
Interior Dimensions
Weight w/foam 9.98 lb Weight w/foam 17.6 lb
Weight w/out foam 11.99 lb Weight w/out foam 23 lb
Optimized for Airline Carry-on Optimized for Airline Check-in
Standard, Quiet Wheels Standard, Quiet Wheels
Rugged extendable handle keeps case clear of heels Rugged extendable handle keeps case clear of heels

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