The ArmorLite case is the lightweight version of ultimate protection. The core of its construction is high-density polyethylene, which is covered by aluminum skins. On average, the ArmorLite is 30 percent lighter than the standard 3/8” and ½” ATA cases, which reduces shipping costs and makes the case easier to handle. The ArmorLite case provides the same durability and can be customized to protect your most valuable and sensitive equipment.

Each ArmorLite case is built to protect against damage caused by vibration and to offer maximum shock absorption.

EPS and SCS can deliver ArmorLite cases designed to your specifications, with exact-fitting custom foam interiors to ensure the stability and security of equipment during transport.

truck rolling over pelican case in strength test

ArmorLite Anatomy

  • ¼”, 3/8” or ½” Construction
  • Full-length steel piano hinge (when specified)
  • Tapered aluminum edging
  • ABS plastic, aluminum, fiberglass or carpet exterior laminate
  • Steel recessed handles (size permitting)
  • Tongue-in groove valance
  • Steel split rivets
  • Steel recessed latches (size permitting)
  • Steel ball corners (size permitting)

Common ArmorLite Case Customizations

  • Ester Foam and Ethafoam Custom Interiors

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