Zarges Y Cases have set the standard in Europe for the most rugged and versatile military transport and storage cases. They are watertight up to the lower edge of the drop handle with a silicon seal inside on the base. These cases are also stackable, featuring cast stacking corners on the lid and base, as well as stacking feet on the base. They have snap fasteners that guard against the case bursting open and are easy to carry with an extra handle on the front.

EPS and SCS can provide a customized Zarges Y Case that meets your specific requirements. These cases are easily customized with internal dividers for extra storage and organization.

Common Zarges Y Case Customizations

  • Internal Dividers
  • Custom Case Sizes
  • UN Approval for the Transportation of Hazardous Materials


Zarges Y Cases are designed to meet the following certifications. The Custom Case Group can test and certify to additional certifications to meet your requirements.

  • UN Approved for the Transportation of Hazardous Goods