Zarges K475 cases are designed to be the most durable aluminum cases on the market for shipping, storage and transit. These cases are watertight, corrosion-resistant and UN approved for the transportation of hazardous materials. Key features include a removable lid with continuous seal; stacking corners on the base and the lid; a self-locking spring fastener; ergonomic handles; and a pressure relief valve with a humidity indicator.

At EPS and SCS, we can provide customized Zarges K475 cases that are able to withstand any harsh environments or rugged conditions. We’ll help you find the Zarges K475 case that meets your requirements.

Common K475 Case Customizations

  • EMI Shielding
  • Divider Sets
  • Attache Inserts for Documents
  • Casters
  • Custom Foam Inserts
  • Locks


K475 Cases are designed to meet the following certifications. The Custom Case Group can test and certify to additional certifications to meet your requirements.

  • IP67
  • UN Approved for the Transportation of Hazardous Goods