Zarges Mitraset aluminum rackmount cases offer serious protection for mission-critical components in the harshest conditions imaginable. The structural rigidity of the cases eliminates distortion that can result from high temperature exposure. The cases’ interchangeable lids and half-turn latches replace mismatched rackmount lids and knuckle-busting latches.

Zarges Mitraset cases are also watertight and provide good heat dissipation.

At EPS and SCS, we can customize Zarges Mitraset rackmount cases with EMI/RF Shielding, I/O Panels, and custom reinforcement to provide solutions to unique packaging challenges. Zarges Mitraset cases are available in over 50 different stock sizes, and we can offer custom-fabricated sizes up to 22U.


  1. Protection rating IP 65 in accordance with DIN EN 60529 and IEC 34-5/529 as a result of welded casing and lid with all-round seal.

  2. Base with stacking battens, sheet metal cover with indentations to facilitate stacking. All sizes (except NT610) can be stacked together.

  3. Sturdy frame profile with integrated floating mounts for fasteners.

  4. Sides with recessed sprung drop handles.

  5. All the sides and the lid are stiffened with molded sections (except NT610).

  6. The anti-vibration frame is connected to the shell by rails and rubber bearings. The material and type of bearings are selected according to the specific requirements in each case.

  7. Lid with toggle-action snap fasteners.

  8. Completely removable anti-vibration frame.

  9. Weld Shielding efficiency to MIL-STD-285 Height of lid = 63mm.

  10. Height of special lid varies according to design.

  11. Shielding efficiency to MIL-STD-285

Common Mitraset Case Customizations

  • Custom Case Sizes
  • EMI/RF Shielding
  • HF Shielding
  • Data & Power Ports
  • Cooling Ports & Fans
  • Keypad Brackets
  • Automatic & Manual Pressure-Release Valves
  • Moisture Monitors
  • Custom Reinforcement
  • Paint, Logos & Labeling
  • Crane Adapters
  • Stands
  • Wheels & Casters
  • Locks