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Pelican Hardigg single lid cases are built to withstand severe conditions. Each case is rotationally molded, with corners and edges 10 percent to 20 percent thicker than walls to provide strength where it’s needed most. The single lid case is one piece, with anti-shear locks connecting the base to the lid and preventing any separation during impact. The tough outer shell of polyethylene retains its shape even after rough handling. Molded-in metal components and recessed latches and hinges are protected from damage.

These cases are often tested to be waterproof, dustproof, chemically resistant and shockproof.

With field life expectancies of ten-plus years, these high-performance cases reduce replacement costs and down time. Pelican Hardigg single lid cases also have lower shipping costs and can easily be stacked for transport. At EPS and SCS, we can provide Pelican Hardigg single lid cases that are customized to protect your sensitive equipment and meet your requirements.


  1. MOLDED-IN STACKING RIBS - Secure Non-Slip Stacking on Matched Size Cases

  2. COMFORT GRIP HANDLES - A Pelican-Hardigg Patented Feature, Heavy-Duty, Spring Loaded to Lay Flat

  3. PATENTED MOLDED-IN METAL INSERTS - Catch and Hinge Attachment Points, Designed to Distribute Load to Case Walls

  4. RECESSED HARDWARE - Hardware Protected from Impact, Snag Free Transport

  5. DOUBLE WALLED RIM FOR TONGUE-IN-GROOVE SEAL - Remains Sealed After Impact, Splash and Rain Resistant, Air and Watertight Options

  6. POSITIVE ANTI-SHEAR LOCKS - Prevent Lid Separation Upon Impact, Minimize Hardware Stress

  7. REINFORCED CORNERS AND EDGES - 15% to 20% Thicker Corners and Edges for Added Impact Protection

Customized Pelican Case with Grey Interior

Common Single Lid Case Customizations

  • Custom Case Sizes (350)
  • Custom Foam Cushioning
  • Temperature-Controlled Interiors
  • Shock Suspension Systems
  • Case Lid Configurations
  • Extra Handles/Telescopic Handles
  • Locks & Hasps
  • Casters
  • Purge Valves/Fill Valves
  • Airtight/Watertight/Humidity Indicators
  • Lifting Rings
  • Forklift Skids and Bash Plates
  • Card Holder
  • Custom Hardware
  • I.D. Plates
  • Labels & Stenciling
  • Colors
  • Cut-and-Weld


Pelican-Hardigg Single Lid Cases are designed to meet the following certifications. The Custom Case Group can test and certify to additional certifications to meet your requirements.

  • ATA Specification 300, Category 1
  • MIL-STD-810
  • MIL-STD-810


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